Lisa Waup was separated from her Gunditjmara and Torres Strait Islander family at a young age. She received a Bachelor of Arts from RMIT University, and developed an affinity with Melanesian culture through her experience of living in Papua New Guinea. Lisa’s work is usually made of many layers or pieces that symbolise layers of history and story, and her stitching symbolises reattaching the fragments. Lisa works with paper, three dimension works has developed a distinctive weaving practice.

Lisa has created Knowledge with the inspiration of sharing cultures. The hand woven string bag has Tawny Frog Mouth Owl feathers, King Parrot Feathers, scull of the owl and bones from the Echidna. The Owl symbolizes knowledge traditionally the owl is a sacred creature an animal that posess patience, truth and power. The bag is representative of a magic bag, containing the essence of power and Law.

Lisa was originally taught how to make this string bag from Papua New Guinea (PNG) weaver Vicki Kinai and from that knowledge she has created a contemporary take on the traditional string bag. The string bag is not only found in PNG it also has ties to the Torres Strait Islands and for Lisa this represents connections between her family connection - one through marriage and one through ancestral.