REDOT FINE ART GALLERY is honoured to present the first international solo show for the highly talented Gloria of the Spinifex Hill Artists cooperative. Big Colour is a 2 year labour of love to bring together 25 exceptional, never before seen, works to the International Art market to celebrate this new talent.

Spinifex Hill Studio stands on Kariyarra Country in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. It is home to one of the youngest Aboriginal art collectives in the north-west of Australia, Spinifex Hill Artists and represents many exciting new and established artists.

Amongst those is Gloria, who was born in 1975. Gloria is a Martu woman who is an acrylic painter within a powerful matriarchal tradition that emerged in the Western Desert in the early 2000s. Her loose brushwork and pastel palettes have attracted critical attention for their highly affecting presence.