19 cmD x 15 cmH
Emu feathers, Black Turkey feathers, Rooster feather, Kangaroo, Bandicoot & Possum jaws, Echidna & Kangaroo bones, Lemongrass, Ginger, Possum tail, Stone, 100% cotton

Puripuri, Mai or Black magic (sorcery) is practiced across the Torres Strait and Papua New Guinea in a great many of communities. I have gathered my inspiration of this Culture Basket from Posin Bag’s, or a Sharman’s Bag, having great connection through marriage with Papua New Guinea. Being of Torres Strait heritage we also share the connection to puripuri (black magic). Having been told many stories about Posin Bag’s and the power contained with in them, has given me great inspiration to create my own contemporary version of one.

Within the weaving, this work has many elements that you would find in an active Posin Bag. This work is made entirely from emu feathers, with lemongrass, black bird feathers and an array of bones. Inside the lid are a few special pieces including a possum tail giving a direct link to my Gunditjmara heritage and the traditionally wearing of possum skin cloaks from this country. The basket also possess a painted stone which represents the keeper of the basket - the spirit of the basket.

The Culture basket is created from the spirit of the environment in which it comes from. Traditionally the spirit is put into the bag. It details the great connection to country and the nature that is intertwined into it’s being.