37cm x 20cm x 4cm

Beverley has created Shielded Earth from Clay from locally sourced Ochre, which is in a shape that resembles a shield. Beverley’s process of making is very materially driven and thus it was important to her that this work be made solely from materials that come from the earth, and to evoke people to talk about the earth. Shielded Earth is about protecting Country, which holds great importance for Beverley. ’The earth sustains us and looks after us and we need to look after her’. The earth owns us, we don’t own it, we are merely caretakers and to ensure it’s survival and ours, we need to take care of it.

Beverley’s connection to the Wirangu and Kokatha people which is through her Dad’s side of the family. Beverley was born in Penola, a small town in South-East South Australia and remained in South Australia until she moved to the Mornington Peninsula 30 years ago.