Finding Place - Lisa Waup Solo

Finding Place - Lisa Waup Solo

A Collection of Fine Baluk Indigenous Art

Australian Indigenous (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) artwork by LISA WAUP of Baluk Artists. The title is Culture Basket. [219-15] (Found Materials and Fibres)


Culture Basket

Australian Indigenous (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) artwork by LISA WAUP of Baluk Artists. The title is Joining Country. [223-15] (Found Materials and Fibres)


Joining Country

01 Sep 2018

ReDot Fine Art Gallery is extremely honoured to present our first ever collaboration with Baluk Arts, an urban Indigenous community arts centre making waves in the art world, based in Mornington, Victoria, in a double-header which highlights the stunning recent developments of this cooperative and its star doyenne, Lisa Waup.

Baluk is a local Kulin word meaning many or group of people, clan or mob and this reflects the art centres close connection and the diversity with their artists. Their artists hail from all over Australia and their art expresses their identity and diverse cultural heritage in a contemporary context.

Through Baluk Arts, family groups and members of the stolen generation have reconnected with their culture and express their histories through strong artistic practices to support their cultural and creative wellbeing.

Finding Place, is the first international solo exhibition for Lisa Waup, a core, cohesive, figure in the development of Baluk Arts since 2012. The exhibition showcases all of Lisa’s exquisite weaving practices, as she creates stunning 3D sculptural works to symbolise connection to nature, connection to land and connection to her people. Whimsical works of tender detail, painstakingly created, meticulously dreamt up, which entice the audience to reflect on the beauty of modern Australian Indigenous culture.

The adjunct exhibition, Badjurr-Baluk (Women of Baluk), has been lovingly curated by Lisa, to complement and energise her own show, and is a collection of works by four key female collaborators from Baluk Arts, Indigenous artists exploring the protective and nurturing role of nature as it applies to them.

Beverley Meldrum, Cassie Leatham, Gillian Garvie and Tallara Gray make up the supporting cast in these not to be missed joyous homages to Indigenous Australian culture.

The exhibitions run in parallel, creating a beautiful juxtaposition for our audience to enjoy, beginning on Saturday 1st September and runs until Sunday 30th September 2018 and is a fitting final homage to our time at our current location in the heart of the Singaporean central business district.