The Collectors Show - 2011

The Collectors Show - 2011

A Collection of Contemporary Modern Aboriginal Art

Australian Indigenous (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) artwork by SHANE PICKETT of Miscellaneous Artists. The title is Moon Shadows and the Night of Biroc. [SP01532] (Acrylic on Linen)


Moon Shadows and the Night of Biroc

06 Apr 2011

ReDot Fine Art Gallery is thrilled to exhibit prodigiously collectable works from across the Australian Aboriginal territories in our inaugural Collectors Show. "Collectors Show - 2011" will be the incipient year for an annual event which will showcase the most electrifying and unexpected new works from Aboriginal artists. Included are currently collectable works as well as older pieces from established collections which ReDot has ambitiously amassed in Singapore for re-sale.

Unmasking a first in Singapore, this exhibition will highlight works by award winning artists Shane Pickett and Kathleen Petyarre as well as Abie Loy, Lindsay Harris and the many gems pulled from the best Aboriginal community centre’s, private collections, estates of deceased artists and other ethical sources.

Australian Indigenous art has become a global phenomenon, intriguing the public with its evolving and changing faces and styles. When contemplating Aboriginal art, we recognize an entire genre driven by a nomadic way of life replete with watering holes and an ancient form of communicating. The meaning behind the beautiful and sometimes-colourful works is not always immediately apparent in traditional Aboriginal artwork and this nuance is even more pronounced in some of the more stunning contemporary pieces in this show.

Notably, each remains firmly rooted in tradition, political and social expression and country while retaining the integrity and connection with an ancient past shrouded in tribal beliefs and law.

The show affords the premium of modern Aboriginal art to Singaporean Collectors.