Maruku Arts

Maruku Arts

Australian Indigenous (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) artwork by DOUGLAS BAKER of Maruku Arts. The title is Tjara (Shield). [WH 1934] (Wanari (Mulga wood))


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Tjara (Shield)

Maruku is an art company, owned and controlled by Anangu (the Pitjantjatara, Yankunytjatjara and Ngaanyatjara people from the south, east and west of Central Australia).

Based at Uluru, the company runs an art centre within the Mutitjulu Community and a retail outlet at the Uluru - Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre in the World Heritage listed National Park.

Maruku is the trading arm of the Anangu Uwankaraku Punu Aboriginal Corporation which was set up by Anangu artists in 1984.

Maruku assists around 800 artists and craftspeople throughout the Anangu lands by coordinating the marketing and promotion of their work and providing them with essential support services and advice.

Over a period of some twenty-five years, the traditional weapons and utensils, decorated animals and carved bowls, with their incised and burnt designs have become familiar to gallery goers and tourists alike.

Now, in response to growing demand from the artists themselves, the organization also presents works on canvas and in a synthesis of age-old and current styles displays works on uniquely decorated walka boards.

Walka boards are a new medium using wire to burn designs onto plywood, they are then painted and oiled.

They are being produced mainly in Mutitjulu and Docker River but also enthusiastically in Pipalytjara, Kanpi and Ernabella.