Mwerre Anthurre Artists (Bindi Inc)

Australian Indigenous (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) artwork by BILLY BENN of Mwerre Anthurre Artists (Bindi Inc). The title is Artetyerre. [BB080526] (Acrylic on Linen)

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Mwerre Anthurre (‘very good’ or ‘very proper’) is a professional, studio-based art program located at Bindi Inc in Alice Springs.

Bindi Inc offers supported employment, adult training and assistance to people with developmental disabilities.

It is a not-for-profit, cross-cultural service funded primarily by the government agencies.

The art program at Bindi Inc was established in response to the particular needs and interests of Indigenous people who were already involved with Bindi Inc, but wanted to paint.

Mwerre Anthurre offers artist a professional development program and employment opportunities utilising their art practices skills they have learnt.

Supporting the work of the disabled in a studio setting is an important strategy in gaining respect and acknowledgement.

Mwerre Anthurre artists do not shy away from working within the mainstream art industry; instead actively participate in solo and group exhibitions as well as selling their work through commercial and public galleries.

Bindi artists are represented in major private and public institutions, international and nationally including the National Gallery of Australia and the Queensland Art Gallery.